Hair Treatment Options


Are you looking for a hair treatment to combat your thinning locks? If so, you’ve probably encountered all manner of lotions and potions available, all promising to be the best hair treatment yet.

In reality, many of these products are actually proven to work, in fact many of our clients have tried them with varying levels of success. It would be fair to say that no hair treatment as yet, can justifiably claim to offer the definitive answer to hair loss, however many offer mild benefits including the slowing of hair loss, and even the prevention of it, be it short or long term.

If, like many of our clients, you would be prepared to use a combination of different hair treatments, your results are likely to be more positive as a result.

What hair treatments are available?

For the purposes of this article, we’ll bypass options such as hair systems, hair transplant surgery, scalp pigmentation temporary concealers and pills such as Procerin and Propecia, and focus on hair treatments in the strictest sense, i.e lotions, shampoos and supplements.

Hair Loss Shampoo

revivogen hair loss shampooThere are several hair loss shampoo options available that claim to slow down, or even stop hair loss. The most popular amongst these are Revivogen and Nanogen Nanoguard.

Revivogen is a shampoo made from natural ingredients, that is marketed for the prevention of hair loss. Very little is known about Revivogen shampoo and conditioner. Several HIS clients have tried Revivogen with mixed results, however the general consensus is that the product may offer mild benefits as a hair loss remedy, but does not prevent hair loss entirely.

Nanogen Nanoguard is part of a vast range of branded hair loss products, marketed by Nanogen, a laboratory based in the UK. The manufacturer claims that the product can reduce hair loss, and recommends that it be used in conjunction with another product called Nanogen Nanogaine. The information we have gained via our clients is limited, therefore it is up to the individual to decide whether they would like to trial Nanogaine, as well as other hair loss remedies offered by Nanogen, for themselves.

Topical Lotions

Put simply, these products are applied to the scalp on a daily, or twice-daily basis, and claim to reduce or prevent hair loss. The most common products available include Rogaine and Nanogen Nanogaine.


Rogaine contains the active ingredient Minoxidil, and is available as either a foam or lotion. Rogaine is applied directly to the scalp. Exactly how Rogaine works is not entirely understood. It claims to dilate blood vessels in the scalp, possibly improving hair follicle function and in turn, stimulating the growth of hair. Reviews of the Rogaine hair loss product are mixed.

Nanogaine is a topical solution that is applied daily. Whilst Rogaine is soluble in alcohol, Nanogaine is soluble in water, making it arguably less damaging to the scalp. As with many hair loss products, reviews are mixed. It appears that the product can offer benefits, but not necessarily to all hair loss sufferers.

For further information regarding hair loss remedies or the MHT® technique, please see our hair loss treatments section, or for information about specific hair loss products, click on the various links above. Feel free to speak with our existing clients in our hair loss forum, or you can contact us directly for free and impartial hair loss advice.


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