Do Hair Loss Shampoos Actually Work?


Hair loss shampoos are an extremely popular hair loss solution for many people, for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps this is due to the fact that when compared to other hair loss products, hair loss shampoos are extremely simple and straightforward to use, with very few reported side effects.

The obvious question is whether or not hair loss shampoos actually provide the benefits that they promise. We believe the key to using these products, is to be realistic about what you expect from them. Very few people would expect a simple shampoo to stop their hair from thinning entirely, therefore if a relatively mild benefit is anticipated, hair loss shampoos are less likely to disappoint. Remember that whilst no shampoo will provide all the answers to your hair loss problems, generally speaking, most people will experience some sort of benefit from using them, provided they are given an adequate time period to work.

What hair loss shampoos are available?

Please note that when we use the term ‘hair loss shampoo’, we are not referring to hair thickening shampoos that are available in the supermarket. We are discussing specialist products, created by dedicated hair loss manufacturers.

The most widely used shampoos in the UK are Revivogen and Nanogen Nanoguard.

revivogen hair loss shampooRevivogen is a shampoo made from natural ingredients, that is marketed for the prevention of hair loss. Several HIS clients have tried Revivogen, reporting mixed results, however the general consensus is that the product may offer mild benefits as a hair loss remedy. Certainly the results seem to very from one individual to another.

None of the clients we spoke to experienced any negative side effects through using Revivogen.

nanoguard hair loss shampooNanogen Nanoguard is part of a vast range of branded hair loss products, marketed by Nanogen, a laboratory based in the UK. The manufacturer claims that the product can reduce hair loss, and recommends that it be used in conjunction with another product called Nanogen Nanogaine.

The information we have gained via our clients is limited, as only a small proportion have used Nanogaine. It is therefore up to the individual to decide whether they would like to trial Nanogaine, as well as other hair loss remedies offered by Nanogen, for themselves.

So are they worth trying?

We believe so. Many users of hair loss shampoos do report a slowing of hair loss, however as results vary from one individual to another, the only way to really determine their value is to try them for yourself. Have realistic expectations, and perhaps use shampoos in conjunction with other hair loss remedies available.


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