Women’s Hair Loss Survey Reveals Shocking Statistics

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Keranique, makers of minoxidil-based hair growth products, have released the results of an in depth US study looking into the causes of women’s hair loss and exploring just how deep feelings run when it comes to their hair. We take a closer look.


A Quiet Scourge


Women’s hair loss is as prevalent as it is for men. Almost 40% of women over 18 will experience hair thinning, typically along the center parting. While for men stepping out in public with their confidence significantly undermined by thinning hair can be a deeply unsettling experience, for women it is almost taboo. While there are a great many options these days most women will simply resort to wearing a hair system, so ubiquitos today that young girls will wear them as extensions to a perfectly great head of their own hair… ironically risking hair loss in the process.

Out of sight and consequently out of mind, women’s hair loss is simply not a subject you hear much about. Yet by the retirement age it is something that well over half of women will have gone through.

What Are the Causes?


Genes as you might well expect are at the top of the list, if hair loss is present in your immediate family members you are twice as likely to be a sufferer… where twice as likely equates to it being a near certainty. But genes are far from the only trigger. You may not be surprised to learn that women who have used chemical treatments on their hair are significantly more likely to suffer, but did you realise it increases the chances by three quarters as much as the genes do.

Pregnancy and other “shocks” to the system, like illness, can be a trigger, but so can the medicines taken to cure them. In fact they have a greater statistical impact than the chemicals.

Reading all that you might think it is a miracle there are any women over 35 with hair, nevertheless the statistics indicate that nearly 50 million women in America today are going through it. Ponder on that while you try to remember the last time you actually saw a woman with visibly thinning hair. It should probably happen several times every day, the fact it doesn’t says a lot about how socially unacceptable it is and suggests that most of us know women suffering in silence.

Why Is It Taboo


The survey discovered so many negative implications associated with hair loss for women it is no surprise they find it a difficult subject, one that can affect both how they feel about themselves and how they are perceived. 81% of respondents said thinning hair affects the appearance negatively, if that is unsurprising then consider that nearly half said it made the sufferer appear less healthy and a third said less confident. This indicates some seriously negative subliminal associations, an assumption supported by the fact that 80% of women actually experiencing hair loss do not discuss their situation with their Doctor.

Coming Soon: What would a girl give up for better hair and what can be done to address women’s hair loss.

HIS Hair Clinic


The worrying findings of the study clearly point to a huge number of women that would benefit from professional advice on their hair loss situation. Among those 40 million American women will be millions whose situation would be improved or even cured with the right interventions.

HIS Hair Clinic co owner, Ranbir Rai Watson, is a passionate advocate for women taking their hair loss problems on by the horns. Having been on her own lengthy hair loss journey Ranbir has a unique combination of insight and professional knowledge that make her and her team valuable allies for any woman looking to find their own solution. To book your free consultation get in touch by clicking here


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