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Barber's ChairWe’ve been following Inside and Hook and Aveda’s Barbershop Confidential campaign with interest (and not a little bemusement, seeing as many men only discovers the onset of hair loss when their barber points out to them that their hair is thinning, or knocks back their request for a certain style because their hair is starting to get a bit fine).

We’re fully behind the message it kicks out, however: if you know you’re starting to go thin on top, it’s best to confide in the man with the scissors and razor and solicit some timely advice.

After all, who else would have dealt with so many men with the same issue as you? And whose job is it to make those men look as good as they can, if they want them to be regular clients?

This Huffington Post article went right to the top and consulted Frank Rizzieri, a New Jersey barber who founded the Rizzieri Aveda School. The short read on his tips:

Keep the sides short and blended

Nice little optical illusion, as it can make the top look thicker and fuller.

The eyes have it

Ask your barber to check how wide-set your eyes are, so they can see how far back they can pull the sides of your style.

Blow-dry before product application

…because if fluffs up the hair and makes it look fuller, so any products can be applied for maximum shaping potential.

Easy on the gunk

In other words, the more hair product you slap on right away, the less effect it has. The trick is to apply the product lightly as first, slowly adding more until you get the texture you want.

And if you think that sounds like a colossal faff, why not consider Scalp Micropigmentation? It’s an immediate, permanent, realistic, hassle-free, non-invasive and cost-effective solution for your hair care issues…


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