SMP For Those With Diffuse Thinning And An Intact Hairline

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It is not a great look when the hair starts to thin out across the top of the head behind a hairline that has remained intact. SMP might be the perfect solution, we take a closer look.


While most of what is written here is about men looking to recreate a shaven headed buzz cut look, the abilities of SMP beyond that outcome should not be disregarded. For women of course that look is generally a non-starter anyway.

Female Pattern Hair Loss


In addition to the strengths of SMP in improving the appearance of scar tissue, particularly those left behind by hair transplant surgeons, it can be used to add the appearance of density. Obviously this requires an intact hairline, a regular feature for female pattern hair loss and much less common in men… but even with a statistically low likelihood in proportion to the men with no hairline it will still mean millions of men around the world with that experience.

Using SMP To Add Density

withhair (Small)

As you can see from this recent treatment, performed at the Toronto clinic, adding density behind an intact hairline can produce a stunning outcome.

It is clear from the number of questions we see on our forum that there is not enough evidence of our work in this area – this is directly attributable to the proportion of men that come to the clinics looking for the treatment who are suitable candidates. Hopefully these pictures and this article will go some way to addressing that.

A Transition To Smooth

For men and women the state of advance for their hair loss is always transient, it may progress to a given state and stop there for a while (years sometimes) but eventually it will advance again. A simple touch up can continue to maintain the look until, for men, the hairline disappears completely – when you will complete the journey to a full SMP. The process would be seamless to onlookers as you simply go from short hair to a buzz cut – An option unique to those who choose SMP as their solution for hair loss.

HIS Hair Clinic


As the inventors of SMP, and being responsible for every significant advance in technique since we brought the treatment to the world back in 2005 we take what we do very seriously. Density treatment is over recommended by other clinics to clients who should not be considered candidates. For a professional assessment by the world’s leading provider, completely free of charge, please click here to find your nearest clinic and make an appointment. Or send a message, with pictures, to and someone from the friendly team will get back to you.




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