WEN Hair Products Lawsuit Continues

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WEN hair loss lawsuit continuesSix million people may be entitled to up to $20,000 each as the WEN hair products lawsuit continues. A Los Angeles Federal judge has provided preliminary approval for an overall $26.3 million settlement. While final approval still needs to be given by a District Court judge in the US, it’s looking like the lawsuit could soon come to an end.

Why did WEN decide to settle?

The famous lawsuit was filed after millions of consumers reported hair loss after using WEN hair care products. The product line is created by Chaz Dean, the famous celebrity stylist.

According to the attorney, the Wen product range consisted of no cleanser, which is said to be the reason it led to hair loss. Rather than washing out, the products instead became intertwined with the hair follicles.

However, Chaz Dean has continued to defend the product range, claiming it is still available and very much loved by its customers. The reason behind the settlement is reportedly down to the cost and timely nature of the lawsuit.

By pursuing with a settlement, the stylist is hoping to put it behind them and continue to provide the hair care range.
That dream may be short lived however, as the FDA is now investigating the issue.

Should you be worried?

Hundreds of thousands of women are said to use WEN hair care products so is there really anything to be worried about if you use the range?

According to some dermatologists consumers should use caution before using any product that doesn’t cleanse the scalp. However, others are sceptical as to whether the range has caused the problem.

There simply isn’t enough scientific evidence to back up the claims and the pattern of baldness experienced doesn’t quite match up to what would be expected by a product. However, there are ingredients in some of the range which are known as potential allergens such as flower extracts and sweet almond oil.

Overall, the lawsuit has proved extremely damaging for WEN, though whether or not the 200 women involved in the lawsuit experienced hair loss because of the products is difficult to prove. Hair loss can be caused by numerous things so if you are experiencing any changes it is recommended you get a proper diagnosis from a doctor.


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