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Can eggs prevent hair loss?

Can eggs prevent hair loss?Eggs are a rich source of protein and protein is important for healthy, strong hair. Eating eggs as part of a balanced diet will provide you with lots of nutrients, including Vitamin B2 and Vitamin D, but does it benefit your hair when applied topically?

Lots of home-made hair masks include eggs as part of the ingredients and claim they help against split ends and hair breakage, hair thinning and dull or limp hair.

You need only look online for hair mask inspiration, many including eggs. They often suggest mixing egg whites or whole eggs with oil (coconut oil or olive oil, usually), yogurt or lemon juice depending on what you are using a hair mask for (e.g. volume, colour care etc).

Eggs contain amino acids

Hair follicles are made up of amino acids (proteins), so it makes sense that adding eggs to your diet can give your hair a protein boost. Beauty comes from within, after all.

However, there are lots of reasons people lose their hair or experience thinning and eggs can’t cure them all. One third of the world’s population experience baldness, which can be caused by a traumatic life event and affect their confidence and self-esteem. It can be triggered by stress, hormones, diet, sickness or genetics (pattern balding).

The great thing about eggs is how cheap and accessible they are! Simply adding egg to your hair as a mask and leaving it on for around 20-30 minutes can help it appear shiny, fuller and stronger. It most certainly helps our overall health, including hair health, to include eggs in your diet – nourishing you from the inside.

Our hair has sebum (a naturally occurring oil) and when we use too many harsh products, this can be stripped away, leaving the hair in bad condition and susceptible to breakages. Fatty acids in egg can help restore the moisture in the hair and ensure the balance is maintained. It also helps avoid flaky or irritated scalps.

Nutrient rich

As well as being an important protein, eggs are rich in other nutrients including vitamins. These include Vitamin A found in egg yolk which help produce sebum and fights against conditions such as dandruff and minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and Calcium. Sulphur and Folic Acid are both important in hair growth.

In other words, eggs are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. Not only does it help hair grow stronger, but it can help lots of health complaints and beauty woes.

While eggs eaten or applied as part of a hair mask or treatment do not prevent hair thinning or hair loss, eggs can strengthen hair. When hair is in the best possible condition, it is less likely to snap and break.


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