Eye-Catching Scalp and Skin Treatments For 2017

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There is nothing like new year for helping us to look forward, the promise of new beginnings or, in this case, the promise of new products and treatments coming to market. We take a closer look at some of the most interesting.


Happy New Year


Here at HIS HQ we thoroughly enjoy the festive season, not all businesses get to close down over the holidays and we count ourselves fortunate that we do. All our people get to recharge their batteries in the company of loved ones… and come back after the break ready to go again. Here in the scribbling team we take an annual peek over the fence to see what is coming our way, and 2017 is no disappointment. Some of what follows will encourage readers that their situation might be improved, others will find the idea of rubbing snail goo into their faces and scalps a step too far.

Here we go then, our sneak peek at what awaits us:

FAST Acne Treatment


That is F.A.S.T. by the way, the acronym stands for Focal Acne Scar Treatment and it is an advance on the previous methods for using the fractional CO2 laser. Where previously the laser was used to treat the entire area it is now focused just where the acne or scar tissue appears. The theory goes that the laser produces small holes in the skin that reach down to the dermis and trigger the formation of new collagen and thereby improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Currently only available in New York from the Schweiger Group but 2017 will surely see it branch out and become more widely available… given its suitability for treating pitted acne scars there will be a long queue developing wherever this is on offer.

Snail Trail


We gave you fair notice that this was on the list. Personally I have deep misgivings about snails. They’re about as slimy as it gets, and I am saying that knowing our continental near-neighbours mistake them for food – which they are patently not. Unless you are a bird.

Let’s put their appearance on a menu to one side though. This article is here because the New York plastic surgeon, Dr Schulman, who created the facial points to the presence of peptides and growth factors in the slime as proof of their ability to improve skin… and he says it only takes one treatment to see a difference.

2017 will presumably see this theory tested. The industry certainly has an appetite for putting strange things into beauty products so why not snail slime recommended by a plastic surgeon. Though I can think of a couple of reasons.

Ever Better Laser Treatments


In addition to the FAST treatment mentioned earlier, lasers are developing at a rate which sees technicians able to use them in ever more targeted ways. Procedures that used to be painful and prolonged are now simple in and out jobs, go back to work the next day without needing to tell anyone anything.

So 2017 might well be the year that laser breaks out and becomes a ubiquitous tool for the treatment of all manner of scalp and skin blemishes… and not just the effective removal of unwanted tattoos – though tattoo removal is something we would all welcome improvements in.

Skincare Access Online


Finally, news from America that a prescription service called Curology is breaking the mould for servicing people who need simple and common skincare problems addressed. It seems a no brainer that many people who can not make the time to attend an appointment in person will be happy to take a couple of selfies and answer a few questions on an on-line form… in return for the attention of a doctor who will issue the prescription they need.

HIS Hair Clinic


So we welcome 2017 with open arms, we look forward to plotting the paths of these various treatments and all the others that are yet to cross our way. We know that many would-be clients are put off SMP because of the condition of their scalp, so the promises held by all these treatments are important. We sincerely hope that this year sees substantial additions to the world of skincare, and in particular to the treatment of acne and scars.

Of course this does not mean that there aren’t a range of treatments available today for anyone wanting to do something about the condition of their scalp. A free consultation with one of our friendly experts will provide all you need to know about the options available to you. Simply complete the contact form at the side of the page or click here to find your nearest clinic and get the ball rolling.



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