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Thyroid problems are far more common than you might think, with hair loss just one of several unpleasant symptoms. We take a closer look and offer advice on what else you should be on the lookout for.

What Is A Thyroid?



A stunning piece of evolutionary engineering, the thyroid is a gland that sits behind your windpipe and whose butterfly-shaped wings fit to either side… they are the “swollen glands” that a doctor may refer to in a sick person as a symptom.

The thyroid performs critical functions, in the early days it plays a vital role in developing the reproductive system, tissue growth, and the nervous system. It goes on to provide the body with the thyroid hormone (TH), often called the metabolic hormone, which is used in creating your bodies method of producing energy, combining oxygen and glucose – it is why the thyroid dictates your metabolic rate. Beyond that it maintains blood pressure and tells your organs what to do… so a problem with it can manifest in all manner of conditions. Which, in turn, can make it difficult to spot… so here are a few common symptoms that can be indicative of an underlying thyroid condition:

Hair Loss

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Where else would you expect us to start? A thyroid that is either over or under active can result in hair loss. A clear sign that the hair loss is linked to the thyroid would be a simultaneous change in skin condition. The skin will be oily if overactive and will develop dry patches if underactive.

Bowel Problems

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The spectrum of symptoms here range from constipation for an underactive thyroid to diarrhoea for the overactive.

Mood Swings

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More than just feeling a little up and down. We are talking about people who are really struggling to control their emotions. This can mean, for the underactive thyroid, feelings of depression. The symptoms for an overactive thyroid can lead to prolonged agitated states and even panic attacks.

Energy Levels



According to the activity of your thyroid this can either leave you feeling permanently exhausted or on a supercharged high… like you were on intravenous espressos – this can extend to a galloping heart-rate and a states of high anxiety.


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This is the one that is most easily spotted, the others are the types of conditions that can sneak up on you so that by the time you become aware of them being a problem you cannot be sure exactly when it began. Our weight is different. If you are taking your regular exercise (or not) and maintaining your usual diet then there is no reason for your weight to suddenly shift in one direction or the other. An underactive thyroid will result in fewer hormones and a reduced metabolic rate which in turns sees your weight rise. Inversely an overactive thyroid will over-efficiently convert food into energy and lead to weight loss.

HIS Hair Clinic

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A trip to your GP is a must if you are exhibiting one or more of these conditions. You may well be treatable and able to return to your original condition in a relatively short space of time. If your diagnosis is that the hair loss is androgenetic, male or female pattern baldness, then you can start planning for the future – there is no better starting point than a free consultation with one of our experts. Find your nearest clinic by clicking here



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