Hair Loss More Common For Women Of Colour

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Newswire reports a study that showed African/American women were more likely to experience hair loss and least likely to do something about it. We take a closer look.


Major Discovery In Research



The American Academy of Dermatology in Schaumburg, Illinois, conducted a meaningful study involving 6000 participants and made some surprising findings. Despite a whopping 47.6% questioned declaring some form of hair loss, significantly higher than for women of other ethnicities, a truly enormous 81.4% had never sought professional help for their condition. It means over a third of African/American women are suffering with their hair loss in silence.


What Are The Causes?


Dr. Yolanda M. Lenzy, lead dermatologist and researcher for the study explained that, although the causes are principally genetic and cannot be helped, there are new approaches required to address the problem, or at the very least delay or reduce its impact. Dr. Lenzy is quick to point out a behavioural change that would make a significant difference: “When hair loss is caused by styling practices, the problem is usually chronic use, Women who use these styling practices tend to use them repeatedly, and long-term repeated use can result in hair loss. Women who are dealing with hair loss should consider changing their styling practices…”


What Can Be Done?


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We appreciate that asking for a change in how you do your hair might be a red flag to a bull, so let us quickly offer some simple lifestyle changes that Dr Lenzy also recommends and which, for many, might seem both more achievable and sustainable. Drinking plenty of water might seem obvious but few of us drink enough of the stuff and it is a great place to start. In terms of foods you should be on the lookout for those high in vitamin K, protein, biotin, and vitamin C… all of which will help promote good hair health. Plenty of nice to eat options in that simple list so hopefully no traumatic changes required, just a few simple changes to habits.


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