Losing Your Hair? There’s No Time To Waste

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Shock, denial, frustration… commonly used words when describing how many of us react when noticing our hair loss for the first time. Hair loss is of no concern to any of us until we start losing our own, then the uninformed reaction is often to waste time. We look at what you should be doing…


Hair Loss

hair loss

There are any number of reasons why someone might suddenly start to lose hair. The top three, responsible for over 95% of all hair loss, are genetics stress and the menopause. Still, with over the half the population, regardless of gender, experiencing hair loss at some point that means millions will suffer for reasons outside those common ones. Illness or it’s treatment can be a cause. Shock, being in a car accident or losing a family member for example, is another.

The first thing to say about hair loss is that it is something that is easily kept an eye on. If you suddenly begin to shed more hairs than usual… your pillow, sink or comb will provide the best evidence, then you should quickly get along to see a dermatologist or hair loss expert. They can test for a range of potential issues and, if appropriate, offer treatment.

What Can I Do?


Regardless of the advice provided by your hair expert there are a few immediate actions that can be taken… we are not talking about relying on the internet either – where you run the risk of being beguiled into believing the hype around the latest snake oil solution guaranteed to return you to your original condition.

Improving your diet is a great starting point, you are what you eat is never truer than for your hair. It follows then that improving the constitution of your system will be reflected in healthier hair. There are also no end of nourishing creams and moisturisers available to support you in a systematic approach to the condition of your scalp and hair.

What Will An Expert Offer?


Once confirmed as adrogenetic or hereditary hair loss, decisions can be taken about the next step. For some this might mean an FDA approved product, where those available for men offer slightly more efficacy than for women. Beyond drugs there is a wealth of herbal and natural remedies that can help.

Ultimately, if you want to return to a full head of hair, you have three basic options. Hair transplantation, a hair system or Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP). HIS Hair experts offer consultations to anybody concerned about their hair loss and hoping to do something about it. During the free session your options will be considered and an appropriate, for you, course of treatment recommended.

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