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The most recent offer to cure our baldness came out of a Nigerian website, it tickled us pink and raised a smile in the middle of what can be a tough week back at work after the holiday excesses.  We are delighted to share.

We Read ‘Em All So You Don’t Have To


As an example of how far and wide we cast our net this story ticks all the right boxes. A website we had never previously heard of, based in a country that most of us would struggle to put a pin in given an outline of the African continent (it is on the West Coast). Nigeria is a country that has seen an explosion in internet usage that has exposed a generation to sophisticated, and some pretty unsophisticated ways of separating people from their cash… though those of us old enough to remember when fax machines preceded the internet will have at some point received a fax from Nigerian Prince/General/Diplomat/Senior Civil Servant in need of your help to move a vast amount of cash out of the country… if you would just be so kind as to provide your bank details.

To say we see a lot of spurious claims made in adverts from Nigeria is an understatement, but this one really stood out for the general quality and inventive range of claims made.

Imagine Your Dead Bald Hair Coming To Life


This evocative suggestion is just one of many made throughout the lengthy “sponsored post”. The offer comes from a chap who gives his name as Xbaldie Segun and whose story, as he would have it, is a classic one of tragedy and redemption. He describes his own hair loss as predictable given the number of other sufferers in his family. He searched for a solution for years to no avail until what he describes as a turning point. In his own words, “… I fell deeply in love with one fine, fresh babe”. He went on, “… I tried toasting her severally, but she “Friend-zoned” me. Why? All because of  my bald hair!”.

You feel for him. He then spent another two years searching for a solution before stumbling on it during a Facebook chat with a friend in the USA.

Here Comes The Cavalry!


Xbaldie’s American Facebook friend was apparently surprised to hear that hair loss was a problem for him and promptly, he knew that this problem had been licked in the US and promptly sent him 50 bottles of Snazzi Hair Serum. It proved to be an instant cure for Xbaldie and inspired him to share his good fortune with his compatriots.

Disappointingly, and despite a promise in the headline that he “devotes his life to help others re-grow their hair”, Xbaldie warns that he has only 20 bottles left. Worse is that due to the terrible exchange rate with the good old US dollar he will not be getting any more in. Tragic for him as he will now need to find something else to devote his life to, and terrible for us as it will mean no more of his adverts.

HIS  Hair Clinic


Fortunately these crazy adverts are, for the most part, a thing of the past. The internet means it takes a minute or two to establish that Snazzi Hair Serum is just so much hocus pocus.

If you are ready to discuss your personal hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts then simply complete the form at the side of this page, or click here to find your nearest clinic.





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