Calum Best Speaks Out On His Hair Transplant History

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Calum Best, son of the global icon that was the footballer George Best, is currently appearing on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. Before going on he took some time out to talk hair transplants.



A Chip Off The Old Block

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A regular chip off the old block Calum Best inherited his Dad’s good looks. Lacking his Dad’s incredible skills with a football Calum followed a path into modelling – where he was a great success. His life was a dream, earning more money as a 21 year old than his Dad would have done at the same age and replicating his ability to be seen stepping out with many of the world’s most beautiful women. Then, in his early twenties he began to lose his hair. He decided to do something about it.

Celebrities In The Spotlight


Calum joined the array of celebrities who have chosen to speak openly about choosing hair transplantation as their preferred solution. Recently there was Martin Roberts, a TV presenter who reached a huge audience through his entertaining presence on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” who spoke in detail about his own decision to go the transplant route. TV doctor, Christian Jessen is another, as is Gogglebox star Chris Steed. Wayne Rooney can take some credit for his in yer face approach to sharing his experience under the surgeons knife… posting Instagram pictures on the way home from surgery. He certainly seems to have opened the door for others to follow.

A Very Happy Calum


Calum’s path to happiness has involved a total of three procedures. Not untypical for someone with his history, starting relatively young in his twenties and requiring additional procedures to address further hair loss. He has now transplanted 6000 hairs to his front hairline, and spent a total of nearly £30K.

The good news is that his hair loss has slowed considerably in recent years and he might get away with waiting a while before a fourth is required. In the meantime however, Calum declares himself delighted with his outcome.

HIS Hair Clinic


Of course transplantation is not for everyone. The cost alone can be a practical blocker, but so can that long term commitment to requiring additional work done in the future to avoid a band of transplanted hairs sitting abandoned as the hair continues to recede behind it.

If you want to discuss all the options available to you in your particular circumstances then simply complete the form at the side of this page to book a free consultation with one of our friendly team of experts. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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