Scalp Micropigmentation On Offer In Hair Loss Trial?

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Ever on the lookout for new science led hair loss solutions we spotted a strange statement in the inclusion criteria inviting female candidates for a new study…


Rare Research Into Women’s Hair Loss


It immediately caught our eye as an interesting article, the announcement of any new clinical research into a hair loss solution will do that. This one stood out because it was inviting women candidates. 60 of them. The plan is to test a pharmaceutical supplement for safety and effectiveness for the treatment of hair loss in women, to be done by giving them a six month course… hoping to reduce the thinning women typically experience through female pattern baldness, where the hairline remains intact and the hair usually thins along what would be a centre parting. With as many women affected by hair loss as men and no FDA approved medicine available to them this could be a game-changer, or at least give some women hope for stemming the advance of the their condition.



Nutrafol are the American manufacturer of the supplement which is the subject of the study, which is also called Nutrafol. Their site makes a huge range of claims, to be honest they use a whole bunch of phrases that usually leave is cold… “radical discoveries;” “proprietary extraction process” and “breakthrough smart supplement” all seem to be designed to set off our alarms. It is the sort of effort gone to when trying to oversell, or maybe give reason for a crazy high price. So even though the trial is a small one we are genuinely delighted to read that they are to put their product through its paces in a double blind clinical study.

Nutrafol itself is one of a host of products on the market designed to address any number of ailments that call themselves “Nutraceutical Supplements” – it entered the vocabulary and quickly gained favour with the likes of Nutrofol and others, for which we all owe a debt of gratitude to some smart young advertising exec somewhere. It doesn’t mean anything of course, not legally at least. But it is intended to imbue a product with a medical air.

Strange Inclusion Criteria

SMP for Women

For any ladies interested in this New York and New Jersey based trial please click here to see full details of how to get more information. We would draw your attention to item 9 on the list of inclusion criteria. It tells you that you must be willing to have your clipped and scalp tattoo. Almost bizarre. No other reference anywhere to Scalp Micropigmentation. Hard to imagine what would provoke a lady looking to sign up for a hair loss medicine to have her head shaved. So definitely one question for your list should you choose to contact them.

HIS Hair Clinic


As you can see from the pictures above, we do not require our female clients to shave. We imagine we would get short shrift for even suggesting it. Must be a typo of some sort… maybe the first person to call them and find out could let us know.

In any case, if you are suffering from a hair loss problem then you could do not better than book a free consultation to discuss it with one of our friendly team of experts. Either complete the contact form on the side of this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.



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