Could your shower be causing your hair loss?

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Could your shower be causing your hair loss?

Could your shower be causing your hair loss?The health of our hair is a result of high quality internal and external conditions. Eating a well-balanced, nutrient rich diet along with getting enough sleep is just as important as using the right hair products, avoiding tight hairstyles which can put strain on the hair roots and minimising the use of hair dye. Some also believe that using regular tap water for washing hair is harmful and that only filtered water should be used.

How does tap water affect hair quality?

So far, there is not much evidence to support the belief that tap water is harmful for hair but it is understood that a build-up of hard water residue minerals can make your hair feel more dry and brittle leading to hair fall. Usually the purifying process of tap water can lead to high amounts of calcium, copper and magnesium; these are the main culprits in contributing to poor quality of water.

Residue of synthetic chemicals including chlorine and fluoride are added to water to destroy bacteria and make the water safe for drinking and are referred to as micro pollutants. Sodium fluoride is known to cause dryness and inflammation of the scalp which can stimulate hair follicle miniaturization – shrinking of hair follicles eventually leading to baldness.

Making an existing hair loss problem worse

Trichologist Dr Bessam Farjo found that pollutants in water will make any hair which is susceptible to hair fall, fall out more quickly. Undoubtedly, with time the increase in frequency of hair fall and build-up of hard water residues in hair the overall appearance of hair is affected and dulls. Stylists recommend that occasionally using bottled spring water to rinse out hair, especially when you have been in a swimming pool or in the sea can act effectively in improving the health of hair.

It is important to remember that hard water cannot be solely to blame for hair loss; otherwise a majority of us would be walking around bald! If you feel that your hair loss is becoming excessive and has been occurring for a long time then the most important thing to do is to go and see your GP or a hair loss expert.


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