Psychological problems associated with hair loss

General Hair Loss

Suffering hair loss can have a damaging effect on the mental health of a person. There have been studies documenting the ways in which hair loss can affect people and the ways in which different people react when they discover thinning of hair.

There are several different forms of hair loss and different causes. Some have a medical condition that causes hair to thin or fall out. This type of hair loss is normally short term and the hair grows back once the illness has gone. For these people whilst it can be devastating to lose hair, they know that it will grow back, however for regular male pattern baldness sufferers with zero chance of their hair returning in the future, the situation can prove extremely challenging.

Our looks play a big part of our confidence and attitude toward life. How we see ourselves is important and if something is not right we tend to try and cover it up, but for some this is not enough and it can start affecting their health. Looking your best is an effort most try and make especially if they are at work or a celebrity and if they do not feel it it can change their outlook.

The psychological effects of going bald or thinning of hair are something many suffer in one degree or another. For some it can greatly affect their daily lives going so far as to want to hide away and not be seen. Hair loss can be caused by stress, this stress then causes hair loss which causes more stress and lack of confidence. This can lead to a psychological breakdown so it is important to diagnose they symptoms early on and give the right help.

If hair has been constantly rough treated it will have an adverse effect on the condition of the hair and scalp. Pulling the hair tightly back puts a strain on the hair follicles causing them to stretch and eventually be unable to grow new hair. Unfortunately the fashion trend for women at the moment seems to be tightly pulled air into a pony tail high on the head. Just by loosening this it will have a positive effect on the hair.

Our hair plays an important role in our self-image

Hair is the part of our body that is on show all the time, it is often the first thing one person will notice about another. Whether short or long, hair has to be looked after to keep it at its best. A good healthy balanced diet will help toward a healthy scalp and good hair growth.

Society dictates a lot as to the way we look and for those who are constantly on ‘display’ it can be hard work trying to keep up with the different fashion trends. Hair styles are constantly changing as is the latest hair colouring and followers try to emulate the latest styles. This could mean a regular change of colour which will damage hair especially if there are peroxides.

If a person cannot keep up and have the latest looks it can have an adverse effect on them, costing them their confidence. However, keeping up with the changes can cause damage to the hair and loss of it at this point they can become very low and need to be treated correctly. The term ‘having a bad hair day’ is very real to some people.

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