Body Hair and Hair Loss

General Hair Loss

Body hair is something everyone has. It helps to control the heat in our bodies but although it is there for a purpose it is something people either have too much of or not enough of. Men are known to be generally more hairy on the body with shorter hair on the head. On the other hand women have longer head hair, little facial hair and finer hair on the body.

Some people can be embarrassed by their lack of hair or too much hair. The female likes to have a full head of hair and when this starts to recede or fall out it can cause embarrassment and lack of confidence. If they have facial hair that is also an embarrassment as women do not like to have facial hair that is for men.

Men on the other hand are embarrassed if they do not have facial hair, a beard. It is a sign of manhood growing a beard and many boys will watch the mirror as they are growing up for the first signs of facial hair. A man’s body is usually more hairy than that of a women but this is not always what they want. There are some whose hair growth is thick and they are covered whilst others have little hair and this can compromise their masculinity.

In other words for the most part people are not totally satisfied with the hair on their bodies and heads. Women shave some bodily hairs as society dictates. Getting your hair right will give confidence and not cause the embarrassment that is sometimes felt.

Hair is produced by the skin but depending on wear it is growing will depend on how it grows and to what thickness. DHT and testosterone are hormones produced in the body. The levels of the hormones will dictate the way in which hair grows in the body. The higher DHT levels the more hair will grow on the body but will reduce the hair growth on the head!

Body hair can stop growing on different parts of the body due to a skin disorder such as psoriasis and eczema and the skin is damaged the hair follicles cannot support hair growth. Others have less or more hair for genetic reasons and no matter what is done their hair growth will not change.

Some facial hair can be embarrassing especially for women who may have a higher level of a male hormone causing the appearance of a beard and moustache. This is not accepted by society and cause a great deal of stress. Fortunately these days there are laser treatments and creams that can help control the hair growth.

Everyone’s hair grows at different speeds and even with regular shaving some men can still have a dark stubble on their face whilst others find it hard to grow a beard and to them it is embarrassing as men should have hairy faces according to society. Styles and latest fashion statements do dictate how we treat our bodies. A good head of hair is thought to be healthy and beautiful whereas for women if they had a body full of hair they would get very strange looks.

There is no right and wrong it is more about fashion and how a person wants to look. There are certainly plenty of products on the market for hair removal for different parts of the body and for male and female. In general the male skin and hair is tougher than that of a woman and many products allow for this. It is a big money making business as people feel more confident when they look their best.

The areas of baldness can be strange when the bodies are examined. Men, for instance, can have a hairy chest but nothing on the stomach whilst others will have stomach hair as well. How the body dictates what hair we have is strange and it all depends on the hormones in your body. It can also be genetic and past on through families.

Centuries ago men would have only been seen with a beard they would not have shaved. It was manly and a sign of who they were. Over the years there have been fashion changes and men started to look the clean face look and today advertising will highlight how soft the skin can be. At one time a man would have been totally embarrassed by this.

Fashion has a lot to with hair just as hair has a lot to do with fashion and how we feel will depend on how well we fit in with this. Making the most of the hair we have will always be a way of boosting self-esteem and so it is important to ensure we look after and give the right protection to our hair.


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