Hair loss and how you sleep

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The question of whether the way we sleep affects hair loss is still ultimately a question, as there is no definitive answer.

There has been some thought that lying on one side of your head to sleep could stop the blood getting to the hair follicles meaning there is not enough nutrients and therefore hair cannot grow.

It has also been suggested that as you are lying on one spot, the blood circulation is not good and does not remove DHT. This is the hormone that stops hair from growing as it damages the follicles. Every day we shed hair and as the old dies the new hair grows. There will always be some shedding of hair. However, if more hair than normal starts being left on the pillow or in a brush then advice should be sought.

Treatments commonly used are intended to increase the blood supply that goes to the scalp. This in theory increases the supply of nutrients and encourages the growth of hair. Knowing how to take care of hair can play a big part in ensuring hair is healthy. Unfortunately this is not always enough as there are other circumstances that will lead to hair loss.

Illness and medication can cause hair to fall out but generally it grows again once the medication is finished although it could take a bit of time. Occasionally this does not happen and treatment might be needed which would be given to suit your needs. For some, loss of hair can be hereditary and receding hair can start at an early age. Again there can be help for this type of hair loss and often involves surgery.

Hair loss can also be caused by stress and anxiety. If hair starts to thin or fall out it is worth having an expert take a look. On this occasion sleep can help or it can make it worse. If stressed hair can thin and sleeping could be difficult. The body needs so many hours sleep a night to fully equip it for the next day. A good sleep can lower stress levels a bad sleep and it could higher it.

Hair is one of the first things a person will look at on another person, and that is why so many will ensure their hair looks good before the go out the door. Every year millions of pounds are spent on beauty and hair products. It shows people want to look good when they are out and taking care of the hair is particularly important. If our image is not what is wanted it can lead to depression, lack of confidence and stress.

A good night sleep has to be part of a beauty regime, it will not only benefit the hair but also the skin, eyes and body. It is important to have confidence and appearance is a big part of building confidence. Today there is a lot of pressure on keeping up with latest trends and styles and this can cause hair to become more brittle and unhealthy. Some of the latest hair styles have included pulling the hair back tightly which can cause damage to hair follicles at your hairline. These eventually stretch and can no longer support new hair growth and so the hair line recedes.

The wearing of hats has been proven to cause hair loss as the hair is constantly rubbing against the hat and there maybe lack of oxygen to the scalp. Once the hair follicles have been damaged it will be harder to regrow the hair but with improvements in technology and science it is getting easier to encourage hair to regrow.

Sleeping is a natural part of our life and children are always told they have to have a long sleep so they have the energy for tomorrow and to grow big and strong. Unfortunately, adults do not keep this theory up. If we did we might be less stressed, more relaxed and hair would be healthier. Without sleep we cannot concentrate as well and this has an effect on the whole of the body.

How we sleep as to regards to hair is not that important. If the hair is flattened in the morning due to sleeping on one side it will soon bounce back.


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