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Using information gathered from the public domain Cheatsheet, a US website, took an entertaining look at how much President Trump might be spending on his locks.


A Vexed Question

Just what is the state of President Trump’s hair has been a question kicking around since his days hosting the US version of The Apprentice put him in the homes of millions of Americans on a regular basis. Over the years there has been a lot of speculation, which has gone into overdrive since he became commander in chief. With some insight provided by his nearest and dearest, along with some medical history, a vague picture emerges maybe.

Our thanks go out to Cheatsheet for putting together a full list of the possibilities and combinations that  just might help explain what on earth we are all looking at.

1: Microcylinder Intervention

Which reads like miniature hair extensions that attach to individual hair to restore body and shape. It makes the list because the provider was located inside Trump Tower.

2: Transplant

Yeah well.

3: Scalp Reduction

In the recent “Fire and Fury” book it is alleged that Trump’s daughter explained to others that her father had undergone the surgical hair loss procedure where scalp with hair is stretched. Ugh.

4: Toupee

We believe that industry prefers the term hair system these days. We saw Trump allow an interviewer to muss his hair… which he surely would never have done had he been wearing a system.

5: Propecia

Trump’s own personal doctor, for a long time, was widely reported to have said that Trump takes a small daily dose of one of the two FDA approved drugs for hair loss, finasteride. Marketed under the brand name Propecia in the US.

6: Head and Shoulders

Yep. On the list because in an interview given to Rolling Stone magazine, back when he was hosting Celebrity Apprentice and at the height of his powers with that show, Trump said: “OK, what I do is wash it with Head & Shoulders. I don’t dry it though. I let it dry by itself. It takes about an hour.” Pretty sure if he stood by an open window that process could be reduced to a few minutes.

7: Comb-over

He has described his elaborate stylings as being achieved with a comb, which he said was “… not really a comb-over, its sort of a little bit forward and back.” So there you have it. Clear as mud.

8: CHI Helmet Head hairspray

This extra firm hairspray is, according to an article in Glamour, the sort of magazine we never look in, a “humidity-resistant fast drying” spray. The same article  apparently reported a Miss Universe pageant worker as saying “Donald loved the smell.” Not exactly conclusive we think.

9: Just For Men hair dye

The list ends with this convincing sounding reason for that strange colour. It seems Ivanka has confided that he is too impatient to leave the dye on for long enough to achieve the correct shade.

HIS Hair Clinic

Thanks again to Cheatsheet for raising a smile. See their original list, with their guesstimates on price,  by clicking here. Thanks too for some interesting hypotheses on what might be behind that amazing hair.

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