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Trevor Sorbie MBE is possibly the UK’s best known hairdresser. Back in 2004 he set up a charity which helps women suffering from medical hair loss. We look closer.


Trevor Sorbie MBE

Trevor Sorbie started cutting hair as an apprentice at the age of 15 at his fathers barber shop, back when you could still leave school at 15. He never looked back. Trevor joined Vidal Sassoon as a stylist in 1972 and was to become artistic director within a year. As one of the new wave of British cutting edge hair stylists that included his employer Vidal Sassoon and Nicky Clarke to name a couple, Trevor would go on to achieve worldwide fame through his talent and creative flair.

In a stellar career he was credited with inventing “the Wedge” and won British hairdresser of the year no less than four times. He developed his own range of products and opened a string of salons under his own name.

A New Charitable Direction

In 2004 Trevor threw himself into charity work. Quitting his salons to focus on a charity he set up, MyNewHair, to help women suffering from hair loss associated either with cancer or through other medical reasons, alopecia areata for example. His charity would train hairdressers up and down the country to sympathetically cut wigs for these women. The result is that hospitals, when discharging women in need of their help, will refer them to a local hairdresser for support.

Kay’s Story

Kay Fisher, from Sunderland, had suffered from alopecia from the age of 9. She would endure many attempts to treat her condition, up to and including steroid injections. Predictably, nothing worked and Kay is now a mum of one having lost almost all her hair. She was referred to My New Hair by her local hospital and for the last ten years she has been visiting Tribeca Hair Design in Tyne & Wear every two or three weeks. Kay has shared her story with the local press and is hoping to serve as an inspiration for other women, by demonstrating that there is a path back to self-confidence. You can see the article on Kay by clicking here.

HIS Hair Clinic

Trevor Sorbie’s is an excellent story, a self-made creative genius who chose to devote himself to the well-being of others in desperate need of his thoughtful help. He used his name to inspire and cajole top hairdressers up and down the country to get on board and has successfully run his charity for over a decade helping countless women, and lets not forget their nearest and dearest, to overcome what for some must have felt like the insurmountable challenge of hair loss. Now that is a man who has earned his MBE.

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