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It is a rare thing, after years of trawling hair loss articles, to come across a new theory for the cause of hair loss. But this is most definitely one…


Root Causes Of Hair Loss

There are, after all these years of research into the subject, some generally agreed principles about the cause of hair loss in both men and women. Essentially it is due to an increase in production of two proteins, 5a-reductase (5a-R) and androgen receptor (AR). Testoserone and DHT bind to the AR… which in turn creates a new complex made up of both proteins, this complex sends a signal which reduces the size of the hair follicles and leads to hair loss.


We all walk around carrying latent viruses. According to a published work by Hanan Polansky it is estimated that over 90% of people will be carrying the HSV-1 virus in some nations. In another publication it was Polansky that showed how competition between viruses and our own DNA could lead to serious diseases by promoting abnormal production of proteins.


We came across the work of Dr Polansky through an advert for Nolapecia, a product launched late in 2017 which claims to target those latent viruses and, by so doing, address your hair loss problems. The product itself turns out to be a simple herbal remedy containing quercelin extract, green tea, cinnamon and a few other ostensibly harmless natural ingredients… although anyone taking medication for high blood pressure might want to check with their doctor in regards to how much liqorice is safe to consume.

HIS Hair Clinic

Dr. Polansky’s work on the competition between viruses and our own DNA was actually published back in 2003 but it pointed to the complexity of addressing hair loss. That massive complexity was underlined when last year it was announced that there are in excess of 200 individual genes that play a part in the process of hair… and we have to consider the presence of foreign DNA and the implications of their presence.

We are pretty certain that our understanding of this process is nowhere near the point where we can create meaningful medicines to address it, and when we do it is unlikely to be a simple herbal concoction. On the upside, they do offer a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.

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