The armed gang who stole hair extensions

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armed gang

armed gangThree men from Motherwell, armed with machetes burst into Terry Dunn’s home beauty salon and demanded she hand over hair extensions. The bizarre drama and unfortunate robbery unfolded in front of her son, one of her customers and a make-up artist who was employed by the salon.

£100+ for a weft of hair

Although a strange demand in an armed robbery, human hair extensions are actually extremely valuable and prices can start from £100 for a weft of hair. Human hair extensions have a longer life than synthetic hair and can easily be washed and styled to create a completely natural look unlike synthetic hair extensions which should only be worn for up to three months.

The pros and cons of human hair extensions

Many women prefer human hair extensions as they can be worn daily for up to a year and have more versatility in how they can be styled – you can even colour and perm them as you would with your own hair. However some of the cons of human hair extensions are that they react to weather as your own hair would, this means that the hair would become frizzy, limp or even dry out depending on the weather. The colour can also vary as human hair extensions are made from hair from multiple people and hair dye can oxidise or fade with consistent exposure to light. The hair can also incur damage if it is subjected to backcombing or if styling tools are over-used.

It is also important to remember that excessive use of hair extension can result in hair loss through traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is literally caused from the constant tension and the pulling which occurs on the fragile hair follicles. In order to avoid damage to the scalp and existing hair, hair extensions should always be bought from and fitted and by a professional


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