Is this product a genuine ‘natural’ treatment for hair loss?

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hair loss Hair loss is estimated to affect more than half of the world’s population. Evidence shows that women are less likely to be affected than men, yet they can still lose their hair. There are numerous products which are commercially available that claim to be able to tackle hair loss, one of the newer products available includes Provillus.

What Is Provillus?

Provillus is a hair loss treatment which claims that it can repair the hair root and encourage regrowth in men and women. The brand has introduced capsules which contain a mixture of biotin and other vitamin B derivatives, magnesium, horsetail and silica. They have also introduced a solution which contains Minoxidil as the active ingredient; the solution will be available in different concentrations for male and female users.

The company claims that Provillus capsules and solution can stimulate the regrowth of hair regardless of the cause of the hair loss.

How Much Truth Is There Behind The Claims?

Although it is possible that the ingredients listed in the capsules could help to promote or strengthen existing hair, Minoxidil the active ingredient in the solution, is the only clinically proven treatment for hair loss. Despite the company claims and findings, the topical solution is a much safer and reliable form of hair loss treatment.

Minoxidil was approved by the FDA in 1998 as the first topical treatment which has been proven to show hair regrowth. A one-year long study with almost two thousand male participants led to the approval of the drug, one decade later the FDA approved the drug for women also. Currently Minoxidil is now available in a mousse form which allows the drug to be rapidly absorbed by the scalp. Usually a topical Minoxidil solution needs to be applied twice a day, on daily basis for sustainable results. If the treatment is stopped, any hair which has regrown will most likely shed.

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