What is Male Hair Loss Awareness Month?

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Bearing in mind that roughly 50% of all men worldwide will suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives, awareness of male hair loss is hardly an issue, however there is a significant lack of understanding of the emotional and psychological effects that so many hair loss sufferers experience. This is one issue that Male Hair Loss Awareness Month aims to address.

For a large proportion of men, hair loss is a taboo subject they would rather not discuss, choosing instead to pretend that they’re not bothered about their hair loss. Many men are genuinely not phased by hair loss, however they are unfortunately in the minority.

‘The Hidden Impact of Hair Loss’ report by Dr Nigel Hunt, Associate Professor in Health Psychology at the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations at the University of Nottingham, examines the extent to which personal and working relationships are affected by hair loss and whether there is a stigma in today’s society for people with hair loss.

Interestingly, the report highlights that, while it is common for people with hair loss to approach their doctor for assistance and guidance, many do not feel that they are taken seriously. GPs have been known to say things like, ‘It’s normal for your age’, ‘You should just go home and forget about it’, or ‘As there are no life-threatening symptoms, it does not matter’. This attitude can make people who are self conscious about their hair loss, feel even more isolated and more distressed, which in turn can make the problem worse.

The annual Male Hair Loss Awareness Month event is designed to increase understanding of hair loss and provide advice and support on the complete range of ways to manage it, including the various hair loss treatments that are available, and the latest innovations to tackle the problem.


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