5 reasons to book a consultation with HIS today

General Hair Loss

1. Confidence

His Hair Clinics is extremely proud of its experienced team and customer service. We have encountered all of the issues surrounding hair loss including alopecia, skin disorders and successfully concealing hair transplants and scars.

Our accredited team is dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment in an environment that is private, stylish and with a great atmosphere.


2. MHT®

MHT® is short for Micro Hair Technique, a specialist scalp pigmentation treatment that has been developed by combining micro-pigmentation, a form of cosmetic tattooing and finally, regular artistic tattooing techniques.

Clinical trials over 9 years supported with clinical evidence were absolutely necessary in order to successfully take our innovative hair loss treatment from an initial concept to establishing a fully developed clinical process that ensures consistently stunning results.

MHT® provides a safe, realistic and cost-effective solution for you. No pills, no surgery and absolutely no scarring!

3. HIStyle

The MHT® Micro Hair Technique developed by HIS is internationally recognised and our experience, expertise and results are widely regarded as the best in the world.

Our pigmentation treatments are unique providing instantaneous results. We offer true value for money in comparison to other surgical and pharmaceutical hair loss treatments that will not only leave you looking great, will also change your life.


4. Testimonials

The quality of our service can be viewed throughout our website and forum. Our clients have been so delighted with the service, and this is reflected in our genuine case studies that give you the perfect insight in to the before and after treatment, with the end result!

You can access case studies, videos and talk to our customer base.

5. HIS Clinics

Our clinics are located throughout the world including UK and Europe, UAE, US and the Far East. All of our practitioners are comprehensively trained and fully qualified, and your total confidentiality is assured.

By selecting only the most skilled clinicians to work at our clinics, we guarantee flawless results, whichever clinic you select for treatment. For more information check out our service guarantee and clinical practice sections.

We work with real people and deliver real results internationally.

Why not contact us for a free consultation? We’ll be happy to plan your treatment to suit your individual requirements.


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