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Baldness. For many people, depending largely on their family history, almost an inevitability at some point in their lives. Although there are many conditions which may cause baldness aside from simple genetics, the principle cause of hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness. For such a common condition, baldness is still regarded with a certain amount of stigma in todays society.

The effects of baldness

Even if an underlying medical condition exists that is causing hair loss, baldness itself does not cause any physical damage or discomfort. The emotional and psychological effects of hair loss can however, have a significant impact on a persons self-esteem, and therefore, their quality of life.


At HIS Hair Clinics, we are often asked to provide hair loss advice, for those suffering from genetic hair loss, as well as various forms of alopecia and other conditions. What is apparent, is that losing ones hair creates a variety of feelings and insecurities including lack of self-worth, poor self-image, even to the point of believing oneself to be unattractive, and a general sense of feeling old and passed their prime.

Perhaps most significant, is the effect these feelings can have, on the day to day lifestyle of the individual. We have met clients who stopped socialising, deliberately avoiding going out with friends, family and colleagues. Several clients who had previously been happily married, have reported marital problems, often due to a lack of sex drive, a manifestation of their poor self-image. Many single guys struggle to meet eligible partners, due to a general avoidance of social situations, and a lack of confidence.

Baldness is not a life sentence

For those suffering from thinning hair, it is important to remember that baldness does not have to rule your life. Believe it or not, a lack of hair does not carry the same social stigma that it used to. Many women actually find bald men more attractive! Just look at celebrities like Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. Even under the critical spotlight of the world’s media, these men are not perceived to be any less attractive as a result of their baldness.

Solutions ARE available

In years gone by, the only viable solutions for hair loss were a hair transplant, hair systems or the constant wearing of a hat. Nowadays, the range of solutions is endless.

Short term solutions such as temporary concealers are now available, alongside a range of ongoing hair treatment options such as the HairMax Lasercomb, topical lotions including Rogaine and Nanogen Nanogaine, pills such as Propecia and Procerin, as well as a range of vitamins for hair loss such as Advecia.

Of course, permanent solutions are also an option. These include hair transplant surgery and our very own MHT® technique.



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