How to fake your way to thicker-looking hair

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fake your way to thicker-looking hair

fake your way to thicker-looking hairIf you’re noticing that more than what you’d like of what used to be on top is now at the bottom of your feet when you shower, or you can’t bear to catch yourself in the mirror when you come in out of the rain, it looks like the onset of hair loss might be finally upon you. Here’s some advice you might want to take on board, and the first of which is simple: don’t panic. Here are the rest…

Talk to your barber

Apart from you, no-one knows your scalp better than the man with the clippers (and he also has a better view of it than you do). If he’s not pointed it out already, now’s the time to have a talk. They can point you in the direction of certain products that can prevent and/or slow down hair loss, and be honest with you in ways your friends and partner won’t.

Try the swept-back pomp

The none-more fashionable take on the old-school pompadour is the man with a thinning crown’s best friend, as it draws attention to its height at the front (especially if you keep the back and sides short) whilst giving your scalp sufficient coverage. And there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Or a taper fade

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from a receding hairline, the taper fade could work for you. As the term implies, it reduces the hair length right down to the bone at the back and sides, accentuating what’s on top. And again, there’s a plethora of styles to try out.


If you’d rather not dabble with the new styles, or want extra protection in the fight against scalp-glare, scalp micropigmentation could be the way to go. The non-invasive and incredibly effective procedure for the eternally on-trend close-cropped look, SMP can also fill in any gaps in your scalp to create a fuller, thicker look.


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