Biotin for hair loss – would you buy it?

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biotin for hair loss

biotin for hair lossIf you’re a male worried about hair loss and find yourself bogged down in a bewildering array of cures and quick-fixes, rest assured that women have had it far, far worse.

But every now and then, something pops up from the female side of the local health shop and is seized upon by men as the latest hair-loss saviour: this time, it’s Biotin.

Should you buy it in?

A permanent mainstay of the female medicine cabinet for ages, Biotin is a vitamin of the B complex, found in egg yolk, liver, and yeast. Otherwise known as Vitamin H, its main job is to convert food into energy, and help keep the skin, eyes, liver and nervous system up to par.

But there’s one particular benefit it produces that gets it flying out of Holland & Barrett: its contribution to the production of new cells. Consequently, it has garnered a reputation amongst female beauty experts as a massively beneficial supplement for hair growth.

Try-otin before you Biotin

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the Biotin we see on the shelves is a supplement – and like all other supplements, it’s been formulated to help people with natural Biotin deficiencies. And as it turns out, that’s quite a rare condition.

Between 30 and 100 mcg a day is the recommended amount for adults, which is what the body tends to produce anyway. And, because it’s a water-soluble supplement, any extra Biotin the body doesn’t need is automatically flushed out when you urinate.

In short, unless you’re suffering from Biotin deficiency, experts state that you’re not going to get a boost to hair growth from it. However, if you’re suffering from excessive hair loss, a scaly red rash or brittle fingernails, you could be in need of it – so make sure you get tested at your local surgery ASAP.


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