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In a great piece of news for millennials everywhere HIS Hair Clinic announces that Snapchat will be added to it’s marketing, but what exactly can you expect?


What Is Snapchat?

For the uninitiated, Snapchat is a communications platform designed to allow users to share pictures and video.  Back in 2011, when a couple of Stanford University students developed the application for a class project, the idea was to create a “selfie” app. One that enabled users to share their selfies with their friends but which crucially made those images short-lived by being self-deleting after a short time. The idea of the creators was that the temporary nature of the pictures would encourage a natural flow of frivolous, “in the moment,” communication.

Over time the ability to send video and communicate through video chat was added. Today Snapchat is the platform of choice for many. Young people use it in preference to Facebook and businesses that are all about the visual, hairdressers are a great example, find it is the perfect way to quickly reach clients and would-be clients.

Snapchat Today

The ambition of the creators to deliver a frivolous app seems to have been largely fulfilled. Despite predictions that it would mainly be used for sexting studies have shown that this is not the case, that the app is primarily used for sending content that is funny or informative.

The application itself has evolved, it is now possible to save received content. There are a huge range of functional additions like “Our Story” and “Geostickers” that have made it ever more usable and engaging. Last year Snap Inc. (the business has been rebranded) launched a pair of smartglasses with a built in camera designed to capture ten seconds of video.

HIS Hair Clinic

So seek out HISHairClinic on Snapchat and you will receive much more than regular images. We will be using it on our Open Days to give those who cannot make it along an idea of what they are missing, maybe more interesting is the idea for “takeover days” where one of our practitioners spends the day Snapchatting, giving a unique insight into a day in the life of a practitioner, but also giving anyone who wants to the chance to ask questions.

If you are ready to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts then simply complete the contact form at the side of this page and we will get in touch. Alternatively, click here to find your nearest clinic.


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