Hair Loss: A Symptom of Diabetes?

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diabetes hair loss

diabetes hair lossHair loss is often seen simply as a sign of getting older. However, did you know it could also be a sign of an underlying health problem? Diabetes is one condition known to have links to hair loss.

How does Diabetes link to hair loss?

Studies have revealed that Diabetes can not only slow down the hair’s growth rate, but also trigger more shedding than usual. This is largely down to its effects on the body’s hormones.

It’s no secret that hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss. You only have to look at pregnant women to see just how significantly hormones can affect the hair growth cycle. During pregnancy, the estrogen levels soar, causing the hair to stop shedding and remain in the resting phase for longer periods of time. Then, after the birth the hormone levels drop and the hair starts to fall out. As more hairs were in the resting phase than usual, larger patches of hair loss start to occur.

It’s not just women who experience hair loss due to hormonal changes however. If you’re suffering from Diabetes it can disrupt hormone levels, making hair loss more probable for those who were likely to develop the condition anyway.

It’s not just the condition’s effect on hormones which links to hair loss however. It also plays havoc with the circulatory system and immune system. If your blood circulatory system is affected, your scalp may not get the correct amount of nutrients it needs to keep the hair follicles healthy. A poor immune system can also lead to several illnesses which are known to trigger hair loss.

So, there’s numerous ways Diabetes could lead to hair loss. Those most at risk are the people who don’t realise they have Diabetes.

Always get hair loss checked out by an expert

Many people don’t realise that hair loss can be triggered by a wide range of factors.  It’s always worth getting checked over by your GP. It isn’t just Diabetes that can lead to hair loss – there are a lot of underlying health conditions which could prove to be the problem.

Once you’ve got the cause diagnosed, you can then discover the best treatment options. The good news is that diabetes is a manageable condition and once it’s under control the hair loss should stop.



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