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We stumbled on a very personal account of one woman’s fight with hair loss and felt obliged to share.


Louise McSharry

Louise is writer and columnist with a social media following who look to her for honest advice on all things beauty. Describing herself as  “unfiltered in every way” her appetite for life and the enthusiasm of someone who has made their passion their work is evident from the moment you read any of articles.

So when life dealt one of those tough blows her take on things was always going to be worth reading. In her case the blow was delivered in August 2014 in the form of a Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis. It is a form of blood cancer and resulted in a 6 month course of chemotherapy that led to hair loss. She followed a friends advice to get it chopped off rather than put herself through the misery of picking it up in pieces from all over your home.

The Road From There

Louise was lucky enough to have a hairdresser who specialised in treating women with hair loss, one who had a private room in which he treated her with all due care and sensitivity… it’s a tough and emotional process that can catch you by surprise.

Her piece, titled Skin Deep, and published in the Daily Edge (see the original article here), is full of these down to earth and practical tips on all the ideas and techniques she used to get through. In the main they apply equally to any woman suffering from hair loss through any cause. Her honest appraisal of the experience has something in it for men too.

HIS Hair Clnic

Her brand of solid, salt of the earth advice is of the sort you might have got from your grandmother, before technology made their generation socially irrelevant long before their time – you have to wonder if we threw the baby out with the bathwater… you don’t know what you don’t know, and we have no idea what little nuggets we all missed out on by disassociating ourselves from that generation.  Thank goodness for Louise McSharry and those like her for keeping a human tradition alive, there is no substitute for common sense.

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