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There are enough good stats and facts around hair loss with the need to inflate or create new ones to scare…


The Search For A Hair Loss Cure

We just read an advertorial on Newswire for a vitamin supplement… of course it is so much  more than a vitamin supplement, they have, according to the blurb, thrown in all manner of herbs and minerals. There are many such products on the shelves of course, and all make their carefully couched claims for their efficacy at treating particular illnesses or conditions. That hair loss features regularly as a target is no surprise, people have been searching for a hair loss cure forever – that search is recorded in everything from ancient scrolls to modern biotechnology. The net result, to date, is a couple of FDA approved medications that can at best halt the progress, though each comes with it’s own warning label and only one of them is available to women. (due to the potential for birth defects in unborn children – eek!).

Yet another advert for a “natural” remedy suggesting it can succeed where thousands of years of trial and error product testing plus a few years of serious biotechnical research have failed, it is not particularly unusual. What sets this one apart is some of the claims it makes.

Fake News?

The advertorial quoted the results of a survey conducted by Hairline International, which it describes as a hair loss support group. It may well be too, but we could find no trace of them… only a hair loss clinic of the same name. Which might explain some of the extreme claims it says it found in it’s results. “78% of the female members” have ceased feeling like women and 40% experienced “some problems” in their marriage…unfortunately the article does now tell us the actual questions that were asked in the survey but both strike us as either remarkably pointed questions, unsuitable for a survey, or huge leaps taken with the inferences drawn from the answers to those actual questions. It went on to claim that 63% had considered suicide. In addition, it went on to make strange comments about women being “terrified of going bald like a man” and “their hormones becoming masculinised.”  Women do not go bald like a man, they go bald like a woman with shedding taking place behind the hairline and across the top of the head… and what on earth is involved in someone’s hormones becoming masculinised?

HIS Hair Clinic

The solution, it turns out if you read far enough, is vitamin B, specifically biotin. Delivered in a capsule along with a veritable multitude of other ingredients it is offered as a fix for hair loss and as a generally beneficial concoction to improve the condition of your hair. Or you could just take the vitamin B supplement, or, if you are dubious about the benefits of these supplements (and many are), you might just eat a few more eggs, cauliflower and almonds – all rich in truly natural biotin.

There is enough distress caused by hair loss among women without anyone needing to amplify the stress, and the claim that nearly two thirds of sufferers had considered suicide is not far short of disgraceful. If you want to see it for yourself click here.

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