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The ability of stress to influence our hair loss is known, a reminder has come to us from an Asian celebrity.


Stress Related Hair Loss

Stress is such a challenging condition, the hormones that are released during periods of stress can cause damage. High levels of them over a prolonged period of time can cause extensive systemic damage. One of the visible signs that you are run down come from the fastest growing cells on our body, these reflect the current state of affairs. Those cells are found in our hair and on our fingernails. The incredibly complex business of growing hair, through it’s various and equally vital stages, is easily knocked out of it’s cyclical routine. Sufferers who have lost hair through experiencing a moment of crisis are a powerful example of this. But what about the everyday stress of coping with life? For some that is more than enough to induce that heightened state of stress. Imagine then what it must be like for a celebrity, to be struggling to cope and being forced to live in the public eye. That was the story for Peniel Shin.


BtoB, or Born to Beat, are a South Korean boy band who have been huge since 2012. As a member Peniel Shin clearly found the exhausting routine a challenge, physically and mentally. It took it’s toll and Peniel discovered, to his horror, that he was losing his hair. The problem worsened until, at one stage, he had lost, by his own estimation, around 70% of his hair and he began to shave down… what else was a lad to do he thought.

Hello Counselor

Hello Counselor is a TV show where people come on to discuss their problems. In a surprising, but inspired, move Peniel turne dup as  guest and spoke out about his hair loss which he said had been getting worse for the entire 5 years he had been part of the BtoB project.

Today he no longer bothers shaving down and his hair has recovered to around 70%, according to Peniel, of it’s full glory. He gives a lot of the credit to his appearance on the Hello Counselor show, “After coming on the show last time and talking about my hair, I didn’t even go back to the hospital”  he told the show last week on a follow up visit.

HIS Hair Clinic

Peniel’s is a classic case of stress where hair is the obvious symptom. If you believe a sudden change in the condition of your hair, particularly if you start losing hair, could be associated with a stressful lifestyle then consider making changes… and get along to your doctor for a consultation and a check-up. Our thanks to the website that bought us the story… see the original article here.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of hair loss experts, simply complete the contact form at the side of this page. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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