Experts warn against cheap hair loss solutions

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Experts warn over cheap hair loss solutions

Experts warn over cheap hair loss solutionsRecently there has been a string of stories appearing in the news which are discussing the risks of cheap hair loss clinics. Ever since celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt have openly discussed in the media about their hair transplants and scalp micro pigmentation procedures, the taboo around hair loss appears to be reducing. More people who are losing their hair are now beginning to look at their treatment options and opting towards hair loss clinics which are advertising surprisingly low prices, or quick fixes.

The quick fix conundrum

Unfortunately, these quick fixes and cheap procedures are actually sometimes too good to be true. A well-known hair loss clinic has spoken about how recently there has been an influx of clients who are coming in to have a botched procedure fixed. These clients are desperate and eventually end up spending more than they would have originally spent if they had gone with a reliable and well-reputed clinic in the first place.

Risks of using cheap hair loss procedures

The reality is that cheap hair loss procedures are often carried out by inexperienced and unknowledgeable surgeons. Some of these hair transplant procedures will only rearrange hair follicles on the scalp, which makes no difference to the density of the hair nor gives a long term change. Inexperienced surgeons are also transplanting the wrong hair follicles, which means that the hair which grows back can be of the wrong texture and thickness creating an unnatural look.

Although the open discussion around hair loss treatments has been an overall positive way of reducing the taboo around the topic and raising solution awareness, people must understand the importance of picking the right hair loss treatment otherwise they can end up with permanent scarring, unnatural hair textures and hairlines.

If you are considering a hair loss treatment you should always choose a reliable and well-reputed clinic. HIS Hair Clinic has multiple clinics around the world  and is offering clients a free non-obligational consultation where an expert will discuss your options with you and help you take the next step which is right for you.


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