Are Beard Transplants The Latest Must Have?

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A Daily Mirror article draws attention to the ever increasing demand for transplants to improve the appearance of men’s facial hair. We take a closer look.


Geordie Shore Celeb Takes The Plunge

Kyle Christie

The Daily Mirror last thursday, in it’s Celeb spread, gave over a chunk of space to the news that Geordie Shore star Kyle Christie has undergone a procedure to improve the appearance of his beard. It was, according to his surgeon Dr. Kumari (who also took the above photo), a source of some unhappiness for Kyle that his beard appeared patchy. Kyle, not being the sort of lad to sit on his hands and fret, bit the bullet in spectacular style. It is less than a year since he underwent a hair transplant to he is no stranger to the scalp surgeons knife. Just the same we wonder whether he realised that to move the 2000 follicles from the nape of his neck would require 12 hours of surgery, not to mention setting him back the best part of £10,000.  Kyle elected to design the new hairline himself, a bold move and one we hope pays off – at this stage he appears to have taken his inspiration from the Vendetta facemask popular at Halloween and riots. We suppose we will just have to wait and see how it pans out… though we will need to be patient. Although the initial recovery takes just a couple of days it will be fully 12 to 18 months before he can properly judge the success. or otherwise, of his surgery.

The Rise And Rise Of The Beard


So what was it that prompted Kyle, and thousands like him, to lay out so much money for a better looking beard? In fact, beards have been on the rise in popularity since the late 2000’s and the Daily Mail reported that 4,500 of these beard transplant procedures were performed in 2012… compare that to just 1043 men getting nose jobs and you begin to appreciate the appetite for this expensive and invasive procedure. The Mirror tells us that 2013 was the year when it all went crazy, First George Clooney and Ben Affleck with full face beards for the awards season and then, to top it all, Jeremy Paxman turned up on Newsnight with his own spectacular version. Now beards are an all too common sight anywhere you go, at work, on the television, the sportsfield, and of course the movies.

HIS Hair Clinic


We will confess to being slightly staggered at the amount of money and the length of time required for the surgery… given the relatively modest improvement on what was, for Kyle at least, a perfectly respectable beard. However, you don’t have to work at HIS for too long to appreciate how challenging some people find perceived shortcomings in their appearance. So we say good luck to Kyle, and to his thousands of peers who will also undergo the same procedure this year.

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