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Are you looking for hair loss help? We are HIS Hair Clinics, specialist hair loss clinics dedicated to the treatment of hair loss, whatever its cause.

A search for “hair loss help” on the internet will reveal literally thousands of websites, each offering their own set of hair loss remedies. Which route is most appropriate however, depends entirely on their own personal circumstances, their tolerance for maintenance and lifestyle compromises, and of course their budget.

For example, many of our clients contact us for hair loss help and advice prior to booking a hair transplant. Whilst a hair transplant procedure may be the ideal solution for many people, especially if the patient is unlikely to lose any further hair, for others it would be entirely inappropriate, for example if the client is quite young, and is likely to require additional surgery at a later date to counter further hair loss.

What hair loss help can we provide?

HIS Hair Clinics are specialist founders, innovators and practitioners of the Micro Hair Technique, the worlds fastest growing hair loss solution. We firmly believe that MHT® provides hair loss sufferers with a true alternative to traditional hair loss surgery, pills, shampoos, hair systems and concealers.

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We do however, provide hair loss advice and guidance, whichever treatment you may be considering. HIS Hair Clinics work in partnership with a number of hair clinics, and can provide clients with a unique, unbiased insight into the world of hair restoration.

For more information, please contact one of our clinics. Alternatively, please feel free to discuss your situation with the community in our hair loss forum, and view our Gallery to see the results offered by the MHT® technique.


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