L’Oreal enters the hair loss treatment market

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L'Oreal enters the hair loss treatment market

L'Oreal enters the hair loss treatment marketFor many people, hair loss is a big issue that can erode their self-confidence. Big brands are striving to find the latest technological advances to be able to prevent or combat hair loss, as it is a lucrative business.

The market is full of products that claim to help replenish hair, help with regrowth or even prevent hair loss in the first place, but as yet there is no real cure.

However, L’Oreal has teamed up with French company Poietis and claims to be a step closer.

Poietis specialises in bioprinting technology and the two brands have joined forces to attempt to use 4D laser technology to create actual hair follicles. The move is groundbreaking and will help the beauty firm improve its hair technology formulas but also test against hair thinning and loss.

L’Oreal’s mission is to find out how cells in a hair follicle are structured and hope that this will help explain the process of hair thinning. As a company, they are already well known for their innovative approach to hair technology, as well as their beauty products.

Bioprinting and hair loss

Bioprinting is laser technology that can print each cell at high resolution – in 4D as opposed to 3D. These cells can potentially grow into hair follicles. The process will help educate scientists about hair follicle composition and hair growth because it will allow them to test out various ingredients on the follicles that could prevent hair loss.

It’s a long way off, but the advances are being celebrated among industry experts and researchers.

In other news…

Meanwhile, L’Oreal has come under fire recently with a lawsuit filed against one of its hair relaxer products that is said to cause hair loss, breakage and adverse reactions.

They defended the product which they say is safe if used as instructed but the lawsuit claimed the product was filled with a ‘dangerous mix of irritants and potentially toxic substances’ as opposed to the oils advertised.

It has meant a mixed time for the hair and beauty company who are hoping their latest research into hair loss prevention will lead the way among the big brands.


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