Australian Hair Loss Range Launches Stateside

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Australian hair loss range due to launch Stateside

Australian hair loss range due to launch StatesideIn December 2016, a new Australian hair loss range is set to be launched in the US. Known as Evolis, the hair care line is backed by science and is designed to both prevent and reverse hair loss.

An estimated 80 million people suffer from hair loss in the US and this new range threatens to cause havoc on the current $3.5 billion industry.

What is Evolis?

What’s exciting about the Evolis system is that it has been clinically proven to work. Not only does it reduce the rate of hair loss, but it also greatly improves hair density and boosts the speed of regrowth.

It is the first topical clinically proven hair loss product to be introduced onto the market in more than 30 years. Designed to tackle hair loss at its very roots, it works by inhibiting the protein FGF5.

It was in 1994 that scientists at the San Francisco based University of California, discovered the FGF5 gene was discovered. The gene is responsible for producing the FGF5 protein and in those studied, the ones with long hair had no signs of the gene.

In Japan and Australia, the range has proved very successful, with 800,000 products sold to date. Now the manufacturer is hoping to see the same success when its products launch Stateside.

Can you get it in the UK?

There are currently no plans for the range to be delivered to the UK. So, unless you’re able to order online and pay extortionate shipping prices, for now it’s worth looking into other options.

SMP is an excellent treatment choice for those suffering with male pattern baldness. Thousands of tiny pigments of varying natural shades are inserted into the scalp for long-lasting realistic results. It can be used to either cover up thinning areas, or create a full shaved head appearance on those who have suffered significant hair loss.

Overall, new treatments are continually being developed to treat hair loss and the new Evolis product range will no doubt hit the UK market in years to come. However, for now there are some great treatment options already available such as SMP.

Before opting for treatment, be sure to consult your GP as there are many different causes of hair loss and some may be brought on by underlying medical issues.


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