Will Wills become the latest high profile figure to undergo a hair transplant?

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Prince_William_February_2015It’s not just women who feel the pressure to look good when they shoot to fame. There’s a lot of pressure put onto men in the public eye too and nobody could be more public than Prince William.

According to sources, the prince has expressed an interest in getting a hair transplant after a meeting with Wayne Rooney. So could the royal be about to become the next famous man to seek out treatment for his receding hairline?

The rise of the hair transplant

Ever since Wayne Rooney decided to go public about his hair transplant transformation, the procedure has gained significant popularity. It’s a permanent solution to male pattern baldness – the most common type of hair loss to affect men. However, it is known to be extremely costly, something the prince isn’t likely to be worried about!

The news that William could undergo a transplant could of course have been taken out of context. The royal is known for his banter when he gets together with sportsmen so there’s a possibility he could have been joking. However, he has admitted he wouldn’t mind seeking help for his famously receding hairline.

The trouble is, while many hair transplants have been successful, there are a lot of instances where they have failed too. It’s not 100% guaranteed that if you undergo the procedure you’ll regain your thick, healthy locks. So what alternatives are available to the average man who can’t afford, or doesn’t want to risk, a hair transplant procedure?

Understanding your treatment options

If you notice hair loss early on, medication such as Finasteride or Minoxidil could be all you need. They are both designed to stop hair loss in its tracks and slow the process down. However, if you have pretty significant male pattern baldness, SMP is a good alternative to a hair transplant.

SMP won’t give you back your hair, but it will disguise the baldness. It uses a tattoo style procedure to cover the scalp, giving it a realistic shaved design. It’s available in hundreds of different pigments so natural results are guaranteed.

Overall make pattern baldness can really damage your self-esteem. While hair transplants are a popular treatment choice, there are less expensive treatments available.


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