Super Bowl champion Sebastian Vollmer tackles hair loss

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Sebastian_VollmerMore and more personalities in the none-more-alpha world of sports are turning to hair restoration treatment these days, and the latest – New England Patriots offensive lineman Sebastian Vollmer – has been very pleased with the results.

Vollmer – who was part of the Pats’ Super Bowl XLIX-winning team in 2015 – isn’t the only member of his team to make use of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, based in Boston. And he brought along former teammates Wes Welker and Rob Ninkovich when he lavished praise upon Dr Robert Leonard and Dr Matthew Lopresti for nipping his hair loss in the bud and restoring his locks to their former glory.

New England, new look

According to the press release put out by LHTA, Vollmer hadn’t considered hair loss treatment until his best friend Ninkovich pointed out he was thinning on top. Vollmer even claimed that, as a citizen of a country where male pattern baldness is commonplace and treated as something you just get on with, the idea that you could actually do something about it never crossed his mind. Seeing both Ninkovich and Welker successfully go through treatment changed his mind, however.

How to tackle hair loss

Vollmer’s treatment involved a non-invasive double-whammy of Rogaine (known as Regaine in certain countries) and an at-home device called Capillus272, which is billed as ‘one of the most effective low level laser treatments available.’ A wearable, portable device that is used for 30 minutes per day, it’s designed to fire follicle-nourishing diodes into the scalp. Just as important for the on-the-go American sports star: it’s designed to fit under a baseball cap.

We’ve already covered the whys and wherefores of sportsmen who have seized upon the opportunities that hair restoration treatment can offer, and this is another successful example.


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