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Advances in technique and equipment have meant that transplants are now of sufficient quality to make an SMP/FUE combination treatment an option.


Cometh The Hour Cometh The Man


Towards the end of last year Ian Watson, co-founder of HIS and co-inventor of SMP, took up the mantle of guinea-pig to explore this combination. Having been the original model for SMP it was never in doubt that he would step up to the plate when the time came.

Over the years there have been no shortage of offers from eager surgeons, all promising to deliver the ultimate in 3D SMP with a covering of hair just thick enough to provide a convincing texture, added to the replicated density of a great SMP the temptation was always there.

It is a testiment to Ian’s powers of patience and his exhaustive approach to due diligence that it took until 2015 to eventually take the plunge.

How Did It Go?




In Ian’s own words:

It was seeing the incredible skill and results being achieved by the top surgeons in the field that convinced me an SMP/FUE combo was a realistic ambition. More than that, it held the promise of being the next step on the journey of evolving SMP. Evolving our SMP treatment has always been at the heart of our business, it is why despite so many newcomers to the industry it has only ever been HIS Hair that has delivered new techniques and procedures. As the inventors of a fantastic solution it was only to be expected that we would be followed by copycats, we are proud of the fact that we remain the only true innovators. With the amazing number of new entrants to our own SMP industry
over the last few years I know it is an increasing challenge for would be clients to identify us as the genuine article.

As in the early days of SMP, I was personally committed to having the treatment myself before offering it to a single client. Getting first-hand experience enables me to meet the demands of our clients and ensures they are getting the right advice. Understanding the short and long term objectives, delivering the right solution and getting the right results… I have always taken the view that if we focus on the client and get this right we are doing our job and everyone ends up happy.

My personal experience of the treatment has been excellent. The small incisions created when harvesting the follicles will need to be camouflaged with SMP at some point but there was no damage to my SMP at the recipient sites – Our experience is of seeing SMP added to HT’s rather than the other way round and it was massively encouraging to see the real benefits of performing the SMP first. I will definitely continue to shave some parts of my head and clip other parts of my hair because that is my thing now, I love the style, the look and of course the very low maintenance.

How Is It Now?



Ian is delighted with his results, the number of failed units was incredibly low and the coverage achieved was excellent.

He has offered to meet with anyone who wants to see it in person and will be happy to answer any and all questions. Just get in touch with the office to set something up.. reach them at info@hishairclinic.co.uk


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