Why does Trump take Finasteride?

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Trump Hair

Trump HairSince he became elected, President Trump has never been far from the spotlight. However, it’s not always political topics which push him into the limelight. There’s one topic of debate people can’t seem to get enough of – his hair.

It’s recently come to light that the president takes the popular hair loss drug Finasteride. So, why exactly is he taking it when he appears to have a full, thick head of hair?

Slowing the rate of hair loss

Trump’s Finasteride use was made public after an evaluation was carried out to determine the state of his health. In the evaluation, Dr. Ronny Jackson reports the president is six foot three, weighs 239 pounds and currently takes Finasteride (or Propecia as it’s known in America), to slow down hair loss.

The drug is well-known in the hair loss industry and it’s one of the only ones to be FDA approved. Its job is to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT. While DHT isn’t the only cause of male pattern baldness, studies have shown reducing the amount in the body can prove beneficial at slowing down hair loss.

Is Finasteride a good hair loss solution?

Finasteride is considered a good, temporary hair loss solution. However, its effects only last for as long as the patient takes it. So, if Trump were to stop using Finasteride, his hair loss would simply continue to progress.

There are side effects associated with the drug too, which is something men do need to be aware of if they’re taking it for long periods of time. It can lead to erectile dysfunction, as well as a lower libido and these effects can stay with you long after you’ve stopped taking it.

So, in terms of a hair loss solution, Finasteride is a great temporary solution, but it should be used with caution. Ideally, patients will want to opt for a more permanent solution such as a hair transplant or SMP to go for the Obama look. It’s vital those suffering with hair loss seek a proper diagnosis to determine the cause. Only once the cause is established, can an effective treatment be prescribed.


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