Will the comb over ever disappear?

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comb over

comb overAt one time, the comb-over was a popular and common sight – think Arthur Scargill or Bobby Charlton. In a desperate bid to cover up their baldness, men would comb what little hair they had left, over the bald spot. Unfortunately, as many have now realised, this made the baldness even easier to detect and what’s more, it arguably looked a little ridiculous.

However, the comb-over hasn’t disappeared completely. There are still men who, not willing to accept their balding locks, have chosen to get creative with their comb-over styles.  Donald Trump’s hair is some form of comb over although it really does defy classification.

The change in the classic comb-over

While style (if you can call it that) is still making an appearance, it has changed somewhat over the years. Men do now seem to appreciate that the original comb-over looked horrendous, so instead they’ve chosen to get creative.

Wrapping the hair completely around the head, creating bold patterns on the forehead with it, and even creating a wave-shaped effect with the remaining strands have become the new comb-over. Thankfully, these men are in the minority and most are embracing the more stylish shaved look. Celebrities such as Didier Drogba, David Beckham and Prince William, have all recently sported a shaved head and it’s really setting a trend.

Why SMP is a better alternative

SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation), is a long-term hair loss solution which focuses on producing a shaved appearance. It’s a very precise, complex treatment which offers strikingly realistic results.

Tiny pigments of ink are inserted into the scalp, mimicking the look of real hair follicles. From just a short a distance away, it looks just like a shaved head. SMP practitioners have hundreds of different coloured inks to choose from, guaranteeing the most natural results. It’s common for a few different colours to be used to create natural shading.

The results last for years, making it extremely easy to maintain. Top-up treatments may be required if it starts to fade, but compared to other hair loss solutions, this is definitely one of the most affordable, longest lasting treatments on offer.


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