Are Hair Transplants Becoming More Popular?

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bald man hiding

bald man hidingHair transplants have started to become increasingly popular over the past decade. These days, thousands of men each year opt to undergo the procedure to regain their thick, full and healthy locks.

It may be expensive, but that’s not stopping those desperate enough to cover up their balding problem. Here, we’ll look at why hair transplants have become so popular.

A trend fuelled by male celebrities

There’s no denying the current celebrity hair transplant trend started with footballer Wayne Rooney. In 2011, Rooney revealed he had undergone a hair transplant procedure and the results were impressive. At the time, very few men, especially in the spotlight, had been so open about their balding locks. Rooney was just 25 years old, so it also opened up the topic of early onset male pattern baldness.

Now, it’s never long before another male celebrity is in the news revealing impressive results from hair transplant surgery. So far celebrities such as James Nesbitt, Anton Du Beke and Jake Quickenden have all undergone the surgery, inspiring men across the globe to do the same.

Is a hair transplant right for you?

While it’s fantastic men are being a lot more open about undergoing hair transplants, it’s important to realise that they aren’t ideal for everyone.

To start with, you need to have a good, healthy donor site to take hairs from. So, if you’ve experienced significant balding at the sides and back of the head, a hair transplant may not be viable. There are also risks and potential complications you need to be aware of. Hair transplants are costly, and they can produce fantastic results, but like any treatment option, they aren’t suitable for everyone.  If you’ve lost a lot of hair then a less invasive and cheaper option could be Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) which is becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst younger men.

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