Wagner’s back – and he’s had a hair transplant!

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Wagner's back - and he's had a hair transplant

Wagner's back - and he's had a hair transplantOne of the most memorable characters from the 2010 series of X Factor returned to our television screens in September on This Morning.

The bubbly star quickly showed he’d lost none of his old sparkle by regaling his hosts with his exciting lifestyle, despite his advancing years, “At my age – 60 years of age – I had a hair transplant so I am growing hair on my bald head! And I’ve had a knee replacement so I have a teenager’s knee!”.

Sex Bomb at 60

He also revealed that he’d been working seven days a week since X factor, had sired two children and then went on to amuse hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford with an enthusiastic version of Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb. Certainly nobody in the studio was about to disagree with him when he exclaimed “I have the power”.

There was no denying that the hair transplant seemed to be a huge success as he appeared more hirsute, with long flowing golden locks than he had in his X Factor hay day. It’s proof if any were needed that the transplant is still the only sure fire way of maintaining and restoring a full head of hair.

Tough choice but the results paid off

The transplant option isn’t always the easiest to take as the surgery can be quite invasive, often requiring more than once procedure. Not only can this be a painful and lengthy process, whilst waiting for the new hair to grow but it can also be very expensive with the entry price starting around £10,000.

There are of course other procedures, such as scalp micropigmentation which is probably the fastest growing and most popular hair loss treatment for young men. The problem is that, although it’s cheaper, non-invasive and offers guaranteed results it’ll only ever produce a clean cut cropped look and that probably just wouldn’t work for Wagner.


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