The Robbie Williams hair transplant story

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Robbie Williams is still a highly popular singer who has a lot of guest appearances in various shows and quite a few live concerts as well. When you are working on so many aspects of the life at the same time, you need something to help yourself out when your body seems to fail on you. We are talking about hair loss and even if this might be disregarded by some, you should be aware that this is actually a severe issue that affects men worldwide, celebrities and normal people like you and I alike.

Whether you are a top singer, a Hollywood actor or just an everyday guy, you can inherit bad genes and you can have a hard time when dealing with hair, especially when it’s starting to thin. It can be depressing and sometimes the only way to restore self-confidence is to do something about it. You can use either short-term or long-term solutions in order to look your best once again.

Robbie Williams

Robbie started to face the issue of hair loss somewhere between 2009 and 2010. Surprisingly enough there are quite a few voices, his included, which say that he didn’t need a hair transplant. This might be true, considering that his hair was pretty thick. The issue here was that of his hairline, that started to recede and make room for an island at the top of his forehead. This wasn’t the most obvious hair loss event that you might have seen, but for a trained eye, it was clear that something was off.

In 2013 he admitted to have undergone a hair transplant, but he brushed it off by saying that he didn’t really need it and he mostly did it out of boredom, because he had three months off on his schedule and it seemed like a great opportunity for it. He stayed in Los Angeles long enough to get a surgery done and he established this as a fact when it comes to the city. The bottom line of Robbie’s transplant is that the hairline has been properly adjusted and we can even consider this a conservative job.

A hair transplant is one best way to improve your self-confidence when you start to go bald. More men than ever before recognise however that hair transplant surgery has its disadvantages too, and that other options like scalp micropigmentation may be more suitable for a lot of men.


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