About Virender Sehwag’s Hair Transplant Procedure

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Virender Sehweg is a youth icon of the Indian cricket team. His vitality of youth and skills on the field make him one of the most promising players. For national sports heroes, self-esteem and confidence is a major part of their careers not only on the field, but in their life in front of the camera- from promotional moments to interviews and constant paparazzi photos.

For Sehwag, who started balding at very young age, the pressure of his image was felt and he decided to take matters into his own hands. A successful hair transplant returned Sehwag to his former look as the young cricket player that he is, and kept him in the spotlight. He was happy with the results he got and didn’t keep the procedure a secret.


Depending on the amount of hair that needs transplanting and what part of the body the hair can be taken from (usually the back of the head), the cost can differ. Sehwag had hair from the back of his head moved to the top. Sehwag said there was nothing like running his hand through hair again when it started growing back after the transplant.

Do transplants always work so well?

It’s really hard for men to experience hair loss, especially for those not yet out of their twenties. When it starts so young hair loss can be extreme, and it can seem hard to find a solution. There are various methods out there from hairpieces to medication and laser treatments. A hair transplant is a more radical method, but it is often sold as a guaranteed solution which entices many men to choose this option.

Unfortunately the truth is that results are far from guaranteed. Just look at Wayne Rooney for example. Many men find themselves using hair systems or concealers on an ongoing basis following surgery, not exactly the deal they signed up for.

More people are now shying away from surgery and considering the alternatives much more carefully. Our scalp micropigmentation clinics have never been so busy, offering the appearance of a full head of hair with no pills, and no surgery.


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