So Mickey Rourke had a hair transplant. So what?

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Losing your hair is a serious issue, regardless of your status, age or gender. Men and women both experience this issue, but dealing with the islands that begin to appear and proceed to take away most of your hair is generally a male issue.

If regular men have to suffer from this issue, what could we say about Hollywood stars who have to get through this? There are many male actors that are now reaching their 30’s and 40’s and although stardom definitely has its advantages, as it also comes with some disadvantages as public scrutiny is intense and constant.


Mickey Rourke is a well-known Hollywood actor that might have had a hair transplant, but knowing this for sure is a bit difficult. However, we wouldn’t start talking about this fact if we wouldn’t have at least a lead that can work as an argument. First of all, you should take a look at some images of Mickey Rourke and see how his hairline evolved over time. If you take a look at a picture from the early years of his career, you will see a much lower hairline than that of the later years. However, the most recent pictures feature a tidy and lower hairline than the highest which was recorded.

What is the secret? Is it a hair transplant that we are looking at in the case of Rourke? It certainly appears to be the case. Rourke had his eyelids lifted and an overall facelift was another option chosen by the actor during one of his medical visits. Clearly Rourke has no issues with surgical intervention, and is a strong argument in favour of a probable hair transplant that Rourke benefitted from some time in the past.

Why should this matter?

In truth, it shouldn’t. Whether or not Mickey Rourke chose to go down the hair restoration route is entirely his business. You have to question how much it is in the public’s interest to know every detail about his suspected surgery. Personally I think if he wants a hair transplant, he should be able to have one and be granted a little privacy in the meantime.

Some may argue that he’s embraced (and benefitted from) the glare of the world’s media for many years, and he shouldn’t be able to pick and choose what stories are published about him, and which ones are not. This is also a fair argument. Either way the reality is that the general public are obsessed with celebrities, and for as long as that remains the case, stories like these will continue to be treated as breaking news.


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