The Not-So-Secret Hair Transplant of Shane Warne

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Australian sports star and world-renowned cricket player Shane Warne is a record holder for the number of wickets taken (708 in test matches) and was the most prominent member of the Australian cricket team. He was known for his spins, especially the more technically difficult leg spin which due to its angle makes it among the most difficult, and with which in his prime no one could compare.

Now 42, he’s still active in public and family life- commenting on cricket matches, playing in poker tournaments, and being a father. Still in the limelight and photographed by paparazzi, often with his fiancé Liz Hurley, you would never guess he had a hair transplant if you didn’t already know.

Shane Warne

In both the Australian and English media circles, it certainly seems Warne has never-ending energy. Reported as “women’s favourite,” and certainly featured as a cricket world “critic’s favourite,” he has never-ending self-esteem and that’s important to maintain his image. Most men have to face hair loss to varying degrees sooner or later in their lifetime, and the decisions one makes in order to maintain the look they require are crucial.

Warne never tried to keep neither his hair loss nor his decision to undergo treatment hidden from the public eye, in fact, quite the opposite. He started treatment in 2006 and underwent several procedures. They were done flawlessly and not only moved his hairline back to it’s original place but look as good as the blonde locks of his twenties.

A hair transplant is a procedure that takes hair strands from one area of the scalp or body and relocates it to the areas needed. After the hair is transplanted, it hopefully grows with a high rate of retention. Results vary enormously from person to person.

If you want guaranteed results, consider scalp micropigmentation. It is non-invasive, non-surgical and safe. For more information see our video library.


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