The Joey Fatone hair transplant story

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Losing hair is something that many men dread and its totally understandable; it’s pretty difficult to lose your hair after you groomed it for most of your life and it’s even worse when this happens when you are not even out of your 20s. Depending on your genetic inheritance, you might be luckier and keep your hair much longer, but you might also be one of the men in the majority who will face or already deal with hair loss.

You might opt for the easiest solution and fully shave your head. On the other hand, you might also want to preserve what’s left of your hair or even try to pad it out a bit. Preserving can be achieved with the aid of medication, while regaining hair is done with the aid of surgical solutions or with scalp micropigmentation.

Celebrities are always keen to maintain their looks, even when they don’t want to admit it. However, there are certain stars who are not ashamed of the decision and it’s really nice to know for sure if a man did something to his hair and avoid speculation.

Joey Fatone

If you take a look at Joey Fatone, you will easily notice that his hair has become much fuller over time and if you were to ask the man about this, he would be glad to admit that he had a hair transplant.

Joey, a prominent member of the N Sync boy band, can become a mentor for those who are dealing with hair loss and who want to take care of this aspect. He is now an ambassador for Bosley, one of the largest worldwide clinics for hair transplantation.

He became self-conscious about the issue when he noticed that he was the only one of his friends whose hair became much thinner and he decided that it’s time for a change. This seems to be a motto of his and he actually recommends it to others:

When you don’t like something about your body and become self-conscious about it, just change it and enjoy a better life.

This is what Fatone did and he did a really good job with his hair.

Although he didn’t suffer from a receding hairline, the hair loss was pretty obvious at the top of his head and he stated that he became wary about it and he ended up wearing hats more than he wanted to.

After getting the hair transplant, his head looks much fuller with hair and the effect surely boasted Joey’s self-confidence. This is something that he was scared of in the past, because going on the stage in front of a huge audience while featuring balding patches on your head is something pretty demoralising.


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